Team IMPACT Giving Thanks Video

This has been a big year for Team IMPACT. To celebrate the success of the program and all of our amazing teams and families, we are creating a video made by YOU. Please follow the directions below to send Team IMPACT a short 5-10 second video of what you’re thankful for this holiday season! The video can come from the child/family, from the team, or can be a video done together by the child and team—up to you! All submissions are due by 5pm on Monday, December 18, 2017.  


Step 1:
On a white sheet of paper, write your team’s name. Feel free to add color and be creative! If teams have posters or ready-made signs with team mascots, logos, or text, these are fine too.

Step 2:
Have someone use a smartphone to take a video, holding the phone HORIZONTALLY.

Step 3:
As a family, team, or Team IMPACT member, hold up the sign with your team’s name. In one sentence, say something that you’re thankful for. (For example: "I'm thankful for when my team visits me in the hospital." "We're thankful to have Kate cheering for us on the sidelines." "We're thankful to see our little boy surrounded by a team full of friends." Try to be brief, but we can always edit/shorten if need be.)

Step 4:
After you’ve said what you’re thankful for, pause 2 seconds then say just the words “Thank You!”

Step 5:
Upload your video to

**Video must be under 2GB to upload. 

Contact us at with any questions. 

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